call me ray. (emerald_jaguar) wrote,
call me ray.

i gotta borrow money to pay this lawyer.

yesterday i was thinking all day about what it is that makes someone able to do great things with their life.
is it luck? is it careful planning? was it within them all their life? or was it a singular moment where they decided they wanted more from life?

i think i might be having one of those latter moments right now.

see, i've always thought highly of myself... a healthy amount for sure.
so how many good ideas that i have that other people act on am i going to have to witness before i step up and do it for myself?

cases in pointses:
about a year ago, i predicted that america was set for a tea revolution... people are tired of the same simple flavor of coffee. What do you know? I recently read an article about the exorbant increase of tea drinking in america. I wanted to start a teahouse. It's still a great idea because there is not as of yet a teahouse here in boise. But i'm not primed to capitalize on such a venture. Alas.

lately me and kaya have been making a lot of fancy kupkakes and we had the idea to get in on the farmers market here and sell them. We went through all the proper channels to get it set up, and we were pretty much done signing up for it (just had to pay for our spot) when the admissions lately just casually mentions that there is another bakery signed up and is making cupcakes (only!). Alas.

I guess i'm just a little lost.
but i'm still happy.

my biggest fear in life is simply fading into non-existence.
i don't necessarily care to be famous.
i want at least one thing that i can be proud of.
i don't want to just 'get by' in life.

that was for high school.

have a happy day,
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