call me ray. (emerald_jaguar) wrote,
call me ray.

I haven't had withdrawals this bad since the last time i got off b-vitamins.

yesterday i had to unlock the plexiglass case that we keep the drug tests in for this woman.
everything in my store is on lockdown. we have locks on the locks.

me: which one did you need?
her: well, i don't know... this one is for the marijuana? (holds up marijuana drug test)
me: yeah.
her: oh, but this one checks for marijuana and a whole bunch of other things.
me: yeah, but it costs more.
her: hmmm, well. what do - no that's an inappropriate question.
me: huh?
her: okay, if someone thought they had ingested some marijuana what do you think the likelihood is that it was laced with something?
me: they don't make weed like that anymore.
her: alright, i'll take two marijuana tests. I can return the second if it's not opened right?

i'm not sure if she knew i was blazed.
sometimes i wonder how people don't notice.
especially in the morning.
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