call me ray. (emerald_jaguar) wrote,
call me ray.

do you know what blood looks like in a black and white video?

nw by east meets west.
jackie chan wouldn't like portland.
the local asian population is pushed off to the far side of town.
i think it's an aging minority group here anyway.
plus there is not nearly enough prop weapons lying around.
everything that's not nailed down the bums walk off with.

so i guess the point here is that you can take the boy out of the west, but no matter what gauge of needle you use, there's no injecting the northwest into said boy.
i miss that thunder rolling over hills.
ominous silent nights, crisp snow fading into gunky slush
i miss jaguar sightings and long unimpeded stretches of highway.
and i would gladly opt any day for a long line behind hispanics at wal-mart over almost getting knifed by some caucasian street kid who doesn't have the stones to get a job for himself and start his life.

or maybe i'm that kid.

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