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new and improved

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call me ray.
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i like to namedrop.
after dinner mints, air guitar, all night diners, ashley simpson backup band, band posters, barrio, being cool, being in the know, being the small spoon, blaspheming, boxcutters, brown pants, brunches, brutal porn, built to spill, burnt out lightbulbs, carlita my baby's momma, cars can be blue, cause for applause, cheating and winning, cheddar cheese munchies, cluttered cars, consentual necrophilia, crack babies, cracklin oat bran, creepy girls, drawing on myself, e-everything, effeminate males, elena burke, ethnic ambiguity, fucking donuts, gayisthenewstraight, girls with boys names, girls with short hair, girls with short nails, good cop/bad cop, googling myself, green shirts, greener than you, guitar solos, gum in your hair, harmonica solos, jaguars, joe the vegetarian, juice boxes, karate, kids table, kool-aid jammers, kurt russell, kurt vonnegut, left at the altar, lyrics that aren't words, members only jackets, myself, namedropping, obscure racial slurs, out of tune guitars, overheating cars, palindromes, pina colada slurpee thursdays, porn in backpacks, running away, rural mailboxes, ryan adams' stage dialog, showering in the dark, sleazy moms, sleeping on the ground, smoking chairs, spacing out, spirit animals, std's are hot, sticky countertops, superhero girlfriends, telling them off, the jig is up, this kick rocks, thrift store shopping, tony's frozen pizzas, too punk to handle, triplex on my xbox, unfrosted pop tarts, upgrade kicks, usa up all night, used condoms, vin diesel yeah, waking up drunk, whistle solos