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dusty busty rusty. time to start this party train up again.


yeah, not sure how you feel about that
it's mostly just to get me pumped.

this is just a reconnaissance post. to scope it out and get a feeling for the dealing.

not much going on in my life really
lots of mike rowe, and kaya, and oliver.

the other day me and kaya walked to BODO (yeah, it's as stupid as it sounds) to get ice cream, and I wasn't feeling good and i didn't really even want ice cream, but i went anyway and we took oliver even though he had been being an asshole all day and i knew it was going to be trouble because it was st. patty's day and we're downtown. so after we get our ice cream, i had oliver off to kaya for a brief moment to re-situate, and she just puts him down on the ground. So, of course he just trots over to a dog that just happened to be being walked right in front of us the exact moment he is set onto the ground. Well, i was like a step and a half behind, but because the extremely homosexual man walking the miniature fluffball freaks out and starts tugging his dog around him in a circle (as if my mighty wiener dog posed a serious threat), so the swinging makes oliver start running around the guy in a circle, which makes me run around in a circle around the guy, causing me to take even longer to detach my rabid killer of a dog from your dog's throat. anyway i finally get oliver picked up and the asshole stuffer has the gall to say "leashes! Leashes!!!" well, if you didn't want you $15,000 dover mystified lettuce poodle to be fucked with, dont walk it downtown. So i set oliver right back down and said "fucking asshole" glared at him as he scampered off and walked back to my bench with oliver and my ice cream.

i've been thinking about the thor album russell.
and i thought maybe of a title and direction;
"the other side of loneliness" perhaps about the day to day grind of a thirty-something's superhero who no longer has any interest in fighting crime, and has had his heart broken.

i think i want him to have an office job.

so yeah, that'll be it...
but i did see this picture and it made me smile.

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