call me ray. (emerald_jaguar) wrote,
call me ray.

i just found out yesterday that linda goes to mars.

gas prices are a joke.
makes me wanna mutha fuckin' riot up in this biotch.

i've been writing a fair bit lately
somehow words worthy of writing down only come to me late on sleepless nights.

perhaps that's the only time i can tune out the rest of my life

or perhaps i am slowly morphing into a vampire poet.

john darnielle is a literary genius
each of his songs is a well crafted story
and a wonderful demonstration of wordy aptitude.
i hope i cut myself shaving tomorrow
i hope it bleeds all day long
our friends say it's darkest before the sun rises
we're pretty sure they're all wrong
i hope it stays dark forever
i hope the worst isn't over
and i hope you blink before i do
yeah, i hope i never get sober.

In this somber city
where stalkers never sleep
little children gently snore
in quiet moments deeps

and a white collar dad crushes his codeine pills
into his evening coffee
he still goes to AA, everything's okay
they've got free coffee, more coffee!

coffee and cream
what a wonderful color
like the mixing of fresh blood
and the back of a dollar.

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